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Is the Bible like Nostradamus?

22 Feb 2013

Meeting with a new Christian and friend named Luis to study the Bible has been really interesting. We've been going through a study book called "New Life in Christ" and looking specifically at who Jesus is. This week we looked at Isaiah 53 among other passages and Luis was really struck when I said that this book was written several hundred years before Jesus was born. It's amazing that so long before Jesus was born, Isaiah speaks clearly about a coming servant who will take the punishment that we deserve. Surprised at how this passage predicted the future, Luis asked if this was like Nostradamus. I didn't have much to say about Nostradamus but we did spend the next twenty minutes looking at different passages in the Old Testament which so accurately predicted the coming Messiah, Jesus. Luis is now really motivated to read the Old Testament too.

Pray for Luis, that he will continue to be amazed by God's word.