Jeyachandran Family

Coming a long way to help us

15 Sep 2014

We recently had two teams come to help us with our ministry in Arequipa. We were able to speak to hundreds of people we normally wouldn’t have been able to. We visited schools, English Institutes, the University as well as running various programmes. The first team came from Canada and the second from much closer to our home in Australia - from the Wycliffe Christian School in the Blue Mountains in Australia.

These are my highlights from the Wycliffe team…

1. Singing My Jesus

The team was requested to perform a song called "Mi Jesus” (My Jesus) at an English Institute in Arequipa to more than 100 students. This was after we were strictly instructed not do anything religious. Visiting the institute helped connect us with many new students.

2. Reconnecting

There was a student who had been through some tough times and who had stopped coming to our Christian group. She happened to come to one of the small groups led by the Australian team and shared her moving testimony.

3. Visiting a kids club in a poor community

It’s always moving visiting kids clubs. Here a local church is reaching out to a community where young kids are often home alone while their parents work. This was extra special because the Wycliffe team brought a donation to help this programme.

4. Special Times

We also had special times with the team sharing in our struggles, sorrows and joys.

Thanks also to the team for bringing donations for several other ministries here in Arequipa too - for the Breakfast Programme, a kids programme we mentioned and funds to assist with a roof for a new church plant. So thank you Daniel, Sandy, Emma, Rachel, Caitlyn and Tom.

Our next post will be the highlights from the Canadian team who came from Tyndale Bible College and University.

Please pray for the many connections we have made and that some of these students will continue to study the Bible with us. Pray for students who have reconnected with us - that our group will make them feel welcomed and loved.