Jeyachandran Family

Cookies to get students to a conference

18 Sep 2013

In October this year we have our annual conference for our Christian student movement. This year it's in Puno which is a 6-hour bus ride from here. How can we get students to a conference where they can grow in their faith and also get to experience the bigger picture of God's kingdom? One way is to bake cookies and sell them.

Fundraising by Baking Cookies

We'd like to give as many students as we can the opportunity to get to the conference. The profit we make from selling cookies will go to subsidising the cost of getting to the conference. Just the process of getting together, brainstorming ideas to raise funds and then do it together has been a great bonding experience.

This was a great bonding time too for Christine and a bunch of the students.

Please pray that we enable lots of students to get this conference and that they grow in their faith.