Jeyachandran Family

Earthquakes and Tremors

18 Apr 2014

The cupboard behind me began to shake and then the windows. I waited to see if I was going to need to evacuate the building. I had a quick look around the room to see where would be a safe spot. Soon enough the tremor was over.

In the last couple of weeks we've had several fairly strong tremors. Last week we experiences our strongest tremor so far that came right after a major quake in northern Chile with a magnitude of 8.2. We were at a funeral and we all had to head outside and the swaying continued for what felt like several minutes. Cars stopped and the street lights shook and I could feel the earth moving from side to side. What I find scariest is the noise of windows rattling and the deep rumble of the walls shaking. Soon after, many tried to contact their families but the mobile phone network was saturated.

Geologists in the newspaper warn that the next earthquake could be "the big one". For us life continues as normal. We know that the tremors will continue. We've been more diligent to have our emergency bag ready. Recommended supplies include:

  • water
  • non-perishable food
  • whistle
  • torches
  • radio
  • spare batteries
  • sleeping bags
  • warm clothing

Emergency SuppliesSome supplies from our emergency bag

Our job is to be prepared and at the same time continue to do what we feel God has brought us here to do. We have so many opportunities to share the good news of Jesus in this city and make a difference in people's lives. We are really enjoying being here. Every tremor is a good reminder to pray for safety and to trust our Lord. We also appreciate all our friends who pray for us and emailed after the quake.

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