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Enjoying Church in Arequipa

29 Aug 2011

Have you been tempted to buy a lucky charm or to make an offering to the “mother god”? The average person in Peru may face quite different temptations but we are all tempted at times to compromise our devotion to God. The Bible speaks to us where ever we are. Pastor Efrain, from our church, is currently preaching through the book of 2 Kings. This book has many practical applications for us today as we look at the people of Israel during the time of syncretism when Israel worshipped the Living God, as well as followed other gods. Even with my limited Spanish I've been enjoying these talks.

Efrain and our family
Pastor Efrain from Calvary Chapel Arequipa with us

We hope to record these talks and make them available on the Internet (thanks to a few tips from friends in Concord Baptist). We feel that this systematic Bible teaching will be a valuable resource for Latin America.

I meet with pastor Efrain once a week and we practice Spanish and talk about life in Peru. This church is very relevant to our future work in Arequipa because of the excellent work they are doing among University students. I've enjoyed learning about the challenges of sharing the gospel in Peru. It is also a great encouragement.

I don't feel so bad making blunders in Spanish after hearing a mistake that Efrain made in English. Efrain was born in Peru and had the opportunity to study at a Bible college in the UK. Here he said farewell to a fellow female student with the words “See you later. We will touch!”. She seemed surprised! He of course meant to “keep in touch!”

Please Pray

  • thank God for Calvary Chapel in Arequipa and their teaching of God's Word.
  • thank God for their growth – last week we almost ran out of room
  • pray for more leaders who will impact Arequipa and beyond

More Photos

Dried alpacas that can be purchased in the markets and buried in the ground as a sacrifice to the Pachamama (Mother god)

Lucky charms that some believe will bring wealth. The teaching in 2 Kings is very relevant.

"Hasta Luego" (see you later).