Jeyachandran Family

Goodbye Arequipa, Hello Australia

01 Mar 2013

We said goodbye to our friends in Arequipa. We had a little farewell with our university group and our pastor. On the morning of our flight, Hans and Martha from our mission prepared a special breakfast for the family. At the airport lots from our SIM mission family were there to say farewell. We're going to miss you - our Arequipa friends.

After more than 17 hours in the air and many more hours at the airport we've arrived in Australia. We travelled well and fortunately the kids slept well on the flight. At the airport we were met by David's parents, sister-in-law and her kids. It was lovely to see Amelia and Annabelle hug their cousins after being away for almost two years.

Qantas Flight

Our main reason for returning to Australia is the wedding of Christine's sister, Rosalind and her fiancé Adrian. They will marry very soon in Brisbane. We'll be back in Arequipa in 3 months.

Here are our kids experiencing a bit of Aussie culture...