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Helping to send Latin American missionaries

15 Feb 2019

The Great Commission is a mandate to go and make disciples in all the world. Churches in Latin America are capturing the vision to send, not just receive, missionaries.

SIM seeks to empower churches to send missionaries to go into unreached parts of the world. Chris Conti, a SIM missionary in Lima, has been working to empower the Latin American church in missions for several years. Peruvian missionaries have sent missionaries to countries in Africa and Asia - including areas that are difficult for westerners to enter.

Web team

We’re excited to play a part in helping Latin American churches send missionaries. Chris Conti’s team, worked with hundreds of pastors and missionaries around Latin America and have got together a huge volume of resources to help mobilise churches and help prepare Christians who want to serve in missions. I’ve been helping get this information online so it’s available to anyone with access to the Internet.

Web team members

The task has been huge. With more than 1400 resources, PDFs, Powerpoint, Word documents and videos, I realised that it would be impossible to do alone. I was able to automate the process of creating pages and uploading files but some things only a human can do. So it’s been great to bring together a team of University students to work on the project. I trained students in the basics of web development and in turn they worked on this project 4 hours a day, 4 days a week during a part of their University break. Most on the team are Computer Science students so they picked up the concepts quickly but we also have an Education and an Mechanical Engineering student. As a team we’ve been able to progress at a rate that I never could have imagined before.

Examples of resources that we’ve uploaded (in Spanish)

Praise God for the demand for these mission resources and that it’s constantly increasing. We work with two websites that together have more than 20,000 visits per month. There are plans now to have this translated into English and French.

Please pray:

  • Thank God for our little web team
  • Pray for Chris Conti and her team who produce the content
  • Pray that the Latin American church becomes a powerhouse in sending missionaries - especially to the unreached.

Web team members