Jeyachandran Family

Immersed in English - searching for Truth!

22 Jul 2015

About 24 Peruvian students spent a weekend immersed in English. Apart from practicing speaking English, we also learnt about where we should look for truth. Jesus said “I am the way, the TRUTH and the life”. A team of 4 from Tyndale University in Canada helped by leading sessions about the Bible and running workshops. We played also played games, sang and got to know each other. David really enjoyed the camp because having more time to talk meant deeper conversations. One student shared how he had earlier made a commitment to Jesus but struggled to stay committed. Other students opened up about different challenges that they faced. Several Christian students were encouraged in their walk with the Lord.

The evaluation forms were overwhelmingly positive and everyone wanted another camp. Someone even wrote in the what could be improved section “Less free time” which makes us laugh as Pervians do love organised activities.

What was the best thing about camp? The bonfire, making friends, playing games, playing card games, talking with campers, the preaching, the talent show, the food, new friendships, sharing knowledge about God, conversation in English.

Marisol:- “the best thing was the preaching of the gospel and the talking about Jesus as the truth, because that's the most important thing in our lives”.

What did you learn about God or the Bible? About Jesus and the faith, The differences between Catholics and Evangelicals, proof that the bible is true, I learned that being with God we can have or I’ve live in the truth, the meanings of biblical words are more clear than in Spanish (now).

Elizabeth – I learnt that God is the truth, his words are the truth, I will obey God's word. I will walk by the voice of God.

We thank God for the help of the Canadian team. It was a blessing to many and helped build stronger friendships with our students. The team are safely home for which we also grateful to God as we had two day of protests and strikes during their visit. Once we narrowly escaped injury when soccer fans got unfriendly in the main square. One person from the team named Adam has stayed. He was on the team last year and will and will stay for 3 months working with the English ministry and more. Please pray for Adam that he will connect with students and inspire them in their spiritual walk. Please pray for the students in Arequipa English and especially the ones that we are following up.