Jeyachandran Family

Intruder in our home

18 Nov 2013

Last night I woke up at 3:40am with a severe sore throat, popped a pain-killer, drank some water and then decided to go to the toilet. As I walked out of our room I heard some movement. I thought it could be one of the kids. When I turned the corner I heard something scuttling out the back door which was wide open. 

I quickly ran and shut the back door, turned on the lights and woke up Christine. We checked the house. I carried a chair assuming it would be better to have something between me and an intruder possibly wielding a knife. The first room we checked was the kids' room. The kids were fine and nothing seemed to have been taken. One by one we checked each room and everything seemed in its place. The obvious things people try and steal like TVs, DVD players and computers were all there. Finally we cautiously went outside out the back door and onto our balcony. The sunshade and rain protector had fallen in and this could have been how they climbed in from the adjacent house. Part of me thought that maybe it could have just been an animal that snuck in through a door we'd accidentally left open. I thanked God that we were all safe.

In the morning we discovered more and confirmed that this was no animal. Our TV had been unplugged from the DVD player and the power cord and our remote control is missing. We've been so fortunate. I've been sleeping lightly and have been in pain with something called "strep throat". But if not for this we could have lost many things - including the TV and the laptop I'm now using. This reminded me of Romans 8:28 where God can use even bad or painful things for good in the end - in our case to protect our home.

Praise God that we're all safe and please pray that God continues to keep us safe. Please let us know if you've got any simple ideas to keep our home safe.