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Kids Prices for Horror Show

02 Apr 2018
Our daughter Annabelle, when she was just 7 years old when she came home upset really wanting to change her name. I was surprised because “Annabelle" is such a beautiful name and everyone seems to like the name. I asked her to tell me more and soon enough she told me that kids at school were teasing her. There was a movie called “Annabelle” and kids were often quoting lines from the movie to her. I looked up the movie and it’s a horror movie about a doll called Annabelle. “Seriously!” I thought, "how many parents would let their 7 year kid watch a horror movie". Here in Peru, sadly it’s not that uncommon.
Annabelle Movie Poster
Just today I came across a flier for a horror show called the “House of the Demon". I wasn't surprised, given that here in Arequipa the horror genre is extremely popular. What surprised me was that there were kids prices for the horror show.
Kids prices for Horror Show
We can’t control society and its values. Please pray that we can raise resilient kids that will fill their minds with the right things and stand strong in the face of peer pressure and teasing.