Jeyachandran Family

Less than 2 months to go...

10 Nov 2016

We are here in Australia for 6 months and we have less than two months to go. We have been encouraged to meet many new people and visit many different churches. It is amazing and humbling to meet prayer warriors we have never met before who are praying for us daily.

Christine with Meg

We have reached about 90% of our monthly support but need 100% by December 5th to get the all clear to head back on the 9th of January. Here's a link if you'd like to support us financially

Our final event will be our commissioning on Sunday 18th December at Concord Baptist. This will be our last chance to see people before leaving (assuming God's provision). If you would like a prayer card for your fridge please contact us.

Our kids having fun with friends Avi and Steph