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More than what we bargained for

18 Jul 2012

20 young people come from a church in the USA for a short-term mission in Arequipa. They performed in several places in our university campus - they did a dance, a skit and then gave a testimony. As a result,we had 7 students who wanted to follow Jesus and lots of others to follow up. We're really excited!

Short-term mission team from USA and CarlosCarlos (left) along with some from the short-term team

Now the challenge is for us to help them grow! The students are busy with so many activities and the concept of follow up is new to most of them. So it's been a challenge to communicate the priority of this. Please pray that we can be faithful - making disciples for our Lord Jesus and not just "converts". We can praise God that two students who gave their life to Jesus a year ago have continued to grow in their faith. Also praise God that one student took the initiative to find a Christian and asked for more information.

Teaching in the University

When the US team were performing on campus, they created  quite a crowd. Some computer science lecturers came down and asked what was going on. A Christian student introduced them to me. I've been keen to work with students and teach them web development. It's been a good way to connect with non-church people. The lecturers took me to meet the director of Computer Science. She was excited to hear what I had done as a programmer and was open to the idea of running a course. We had 30 students who expressed interest in the course, 12 of those completed an exam and 5 were selected. Praise God for this opening to connect with students and staff.

Connecting through English Bible Study

As a result of the US team, lots of people want to learn English. Christine and I already meet with several people and practice English with them. After speaking with the pastor, we've started a Bible study in English. We promote this as an opportunity to practice English with a native speaker through studying the Bible.

Thank you!

Thank you for your patience, generosity in supporting us and your long-term vision. We pray that God will do great work through your faithful prayer and generosity. More than ever we see the strategic nature of student ministry.

David with some studentsDavid chatting with students after a presentation

Please Pray

  • thank God for the students who decided to follow Jesus
  • pray that new Christians will be discipled
  • praise God for the opening to teach at the University
  • thank God for the opportunity to teach the Bible through English
  • thank God for the short-term mission team. We are so grateful for them.


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