Jeyachandran Family

Nut Lady!

06 Jun 2013

Today I (Christine) went to the nut shop to buy nuts to make peanut butter. This is how the conversation went.

Christine: Can I have some nuts?
Nut Lady: Sure. Those children must be from a childrens home. (They were well dressed that day).
Christine: No they are mine.
Nut Lady: They must be adopted then.
Christine: No, they are mine.
Nut Lady: But they don't look anything like you.
Christine: They look like their father.
Nut Lady: Yes, they are all looking very similar, him too(to Samuel).
Christine: These two are twins.
Nut Lady: NO, that cannot be. She is much taller. She must be older.
Christine: No the shorter one is older.
Nut Lady: So there is another foreigner who comes here and buys peanuts too. To make peanut butter.
Christine: Could be a friend of mine. Not sure.
Nut lady: Is she your sister?
Christine: No.

I was not too bothered at the time by the conversation but I was glad the kids didn't seem to follow it. It bothered me more in retrospect. Most Peruvians ask me if they are my children so her comments did not come as a shock but her persistent bluntness surprised me.

How must it feel to have adopted kids/ be adopted - having such blunt conversations all the time! Next time I notice an adoption I will hold my curiosity in check.