Jeyachandran Family

Our Pre-schoolers

21 Dec 2011

The girls have been attending a wonderful preschool here in Peru which they just love. It is run by two wonderful ladies Lula and Sandra. We were recommended this preschool by our fellow missionaries for several reasons - it is a Christian pre-school and they are used to having new missionary kids. Also Sandra speaks fluent English which has been a huge help for me, more than the girls. Each morning the bus arrives to take them.

The girls can’t wait till next year because as Annabelle says  “I get to go to Lula’s class because I’m bigger!”. They do the usual preschool things (learn numbers and letters) but there are a few big differences to Australia. For example they don’t have a lot of free play time and receive homework each day – usually colouring, tracing letters and numbers, cutting and gluing.  Another one is that when Annabelle was naughty her lovely teacher told me she threatened her with a cold shower and she quickly fell into line. You gotta see the funny side of this and laugh! 

On Saturday we attended the final concert for the preschool. It was amazing! It included three carols belted out by the 2-6 years olds. They did well and looks like they knew most of the words in Spanish. 

Then traditional dances from each age group. 

Finally there was a Nativity pageant. There was one 6 year old who had the lead role who knew a huge number of lines and at least 3 solos by heart. Incredible! Annabelle and Amelia were shepherds and had lines too.  Annabelle was very interested in tending to baby Jesus (a doll) much to the annoyance of ‘Mary’ and ‘Joseph’. J  It was great to see the kids having fun up on stage.  

Praise God for Lula and Sandra and the blessing it is to have a place for the kids to enjoy and learn Spanish.

The picture below is of the girls after their ballet concert which we enjoyed on Sunday. Once their performance was over we sat the girls on our laps so they could be inspired by the older performers. They can’t wait to return.