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Perú and the Ends of the Earth

17 Apr 2012

One of the things that inspired me to do university ministry in Perú is the possibility of getting students excited about God's mission. Students in Arequipa come from diverse backgrounds - imagine if they were inspired to take the gospel to unreached parts of Perú and beyond! I've just been part of a training course where Pioneers is working towards this goal, not just with University students, but with the larger church community. The aim is to give people an understanding (and experience) of missions and then give them the opportunity to take on further study. Christine is actually doing the in-depth three-month course at the moment.

Experiencing food from a different culture

So in just three jam-packed days (9am-7pm) we looked at how missions was part of God's plan from the start: the history of missions, cross-cultural ministry and mission strategy, just to name a few aspects

Learning about cross-cultural communication through a game

Allen George from our mission presented a training guide for potential Latino missionaries. This is an amazing resource and has been over a year in the making, thanks to Chris Conti and her team in Lima.

At the end I found out that several people had a strong desire to take the gospel to the Quechua people who live in the Peruvian highlands where there are still many unreached communities. They connected up with people who were fluent in Quechua and are making plans. There was also one person who was willing to go to a strategic nation that is generally closed to western people. Thanks Pioneers team. What an exciting and inspiring conference!