Jeyachandran Family

Photo Tour of our Home

02 Apr 2012

Here are a few photos of our home plus the kids. We live on the second floor of a Peruvian family's home.

Kids bedroom


Annabelle posing - who does she get that from? Styrofoam can be a lot of fun. This is our little balcony where we have our washing machine and we dry our clothes.


When taking photos I sometimes ask them not to smile and this is what happens.


Annabelle enjoying dancing! This is our study and possibly where we can have students stay.


Living and dining area


Ours and Samuel's room


The view of El Misti (the volcano) from the study window


Thank God for our home. We love the place - it's close to markets, shops and the university where David hopes to work. It's also convenient because there are lots of buses from here into the city.

In our next post we'll share what it's like when it rains in the desert  - water shortages and flooding at the same time.