Jeyachandran Family

Physiotherapist visit

12 Oct 2012


Our anniversary was today and after a celebration breakfast together, David and I thought we'd drop by a physiotherapist to get my leg treated. I have been experiencing pain when walking/standing and this has held me back from exercising beyond the normal walking required for life, errands and shopping. David pointed out a place we happened to walk past in a backstreet. I thought it looked a bit dubious from the beginning but I thought, "David is with me so it will be fine." They offered a free consultation and then treatment which was essentially a massage . It turned out the physio was a blind man (though not totally) in a wheelchair who had minimal hand movement too. How did I get a massage? He helped a bit but he had an assistant who did most of the work. After watching for a while David asked for a massage from one of his assistants too. We discovered that the blind man was their boss. We both really enjoyed our massage but tomorrow I will look for another option for treatment of my leg. I know life will always be an adventure with David. 

Blind PhysioChristine got some treatment from another physio who knew what he was doing. He also happened to be blind.