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Reaching the unreached, deep in the Amazon jungle

01 Mar 2017

Javier is a graduate of Computer Science in Arequipa. He volunteers his time to encourage and help students to serve Jesus on campus. Several times a year he travels to other cities in the south of Peru to do the same.

Javier and I catching up at a Cafe after a long time.

Javier is now somewhere I never expected. He’s in the Amazon jungle in the neighbouring country of Bolivia where he will work for a month. He’s helping to create a translation of the Jesus movie in an indigenous jungle language. This will enable people to see the Jesus movie in their heart language - reaching many who may have never heard the name of Jesus before.

This is a huge operation with several specialised teams - voice actors, editors, and linguistics experts. Javier is part of the technical team who work on editing the audio and synchronising it with the video. He got involved in this ministry, following his passion in missions and then doing a course in this type of work. Last year he helped complete a translation into a Peruvian jungle language.

So thank you for praying for the work with students in Arequipa. It’s exciting to see the University ministry having such a strategic impact. Please pray that more graduates from Arequipa, like Javier, will go on to help reach the unreached for Jesus.

Here’s more information on the Jesus film and the local organisation that is facilitating the translation of the film.