Jeyachandran Family

Samuel visits the hospital

17 Mar 2013

Photo taken a day earlier with the usually happy Samuel

Our little 2 year old Samuel said "I'm thirsty" and then reached and grabbed a water-bottle from his mum. Rather than getting a proper hold on the bottle, it fell. The metal water-bottle was full of water and fell from above Samuel's head onto his big toe. He cried and he cried! There was a bit of blood and almost immediate bruising. Feeling the weight of the water bottle I was sure Samuel had broken something. Forty minutes later he was still crying unconsolably till Christine realised that he wanted water. He was better after drinking some water and a milkshake.

Samuel's Foot X-Ray

That evening, still in a bit of pain, Samuel and I headed to the hospital. He had an X-ray and fortunately he had no damaged bones. He was just given some antibiotics to prevent infection under his toe-nail.

With curious little kids there are so many things that can go wrong. It is the grace of God that they survive to our adulthood. Can you share a story from your childhood or of your own kids?