Jeyachandran Family

You never know the impact you might be having?

23 Sep 2013

We serve Jesus in lots of different ways and often never get to find out the impact that we've had.

Today I got a wonderful message via Facebook. For many years I had sponsored a child in Uganda through Compassion. Through the sponsorship he was able to get a good education and support through a local church. His letters were always encouraging and he talked about his love for the Lord. When he finished high school he left the sponsorship program and we lost touch.

Years later my former Sponsor child found me on Facebook - I guess it helps being the only "David Jeyachandran" in Facebook. The fantastic news is that he is now just about to graduate from university with an arts degree in development studies. He is still going strong with the Lord and hopes to work in a child development institute. God willing, he is going to make a difference in many lives. Please read his message below.

Praise the Lord Mr. David, this is Waiswa, your former compassion sponsored child in Uganda. I am so grateful to God for the far He has brought me. This week my final results for my final semester at campus came out and i had excelled. This has always been my prayer to God and finally, He has granted me my heart's desire. Am awaiting graduation which is due in October this year (2013) In the midst of recalling and pondering upon the victory God has given me, i remembered you for the foundation you gave me...perhaps i would have not reached this far, may the good Lord reward you with the very best, you and your family are highly welcome to attend my graduation right here in Uganda.

What a huge encouragement! God willing, as you support us, together we will impact students who will go on to make a difference in many people's lives. You never know the impact you might be having - but we'll share a few stories soon.