Jeyachandran Family

More than doubling search traffic

14 Dec 2019
We’d like to see more Latin American churches send missionaries. We play a small role in that project with a website (  that provides resources for churches and Christians interested in serving in missions. Last year we uploaded more than 1400 resources - PDFs, Powerpoint Presentations and more to a website we created. Read more about the project here.
The homepage says “The job is huge, search for resources here”
This year we wanted to help lots of people to find these resources. We’ve more than doubled the number of people who found us through Google searches and this is how we did it.
We identified the top 150 resources on the website - the resources with the highest downloads. We then created a summary of the file in a format that Google and other search engines could index - using HTML. 
The main work we did was putting a summary of the text from resources into HTML so Google could index it and improve search traffic. The results are better than we expected. Since December there has been almost a 4 times improvement.
Traffic via Search
We’ve also worked on making this site load quickly, especially for mobile users. It ranks in the top 5% of websites in terms of performance.
Through this website we will continue to provide training and resources for Latin American Christians interested in missions. Please pray that the Latin American church becomes a powerhouse in sending missionaries - especially to unreached people groups.