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Samuel visits the hospital

17 Mar 2013

Photo taken a day earlier with the usually happy Samuel

Our little 2 year old Samuel said "I'm thirsty" and then reached and grabbed a water-bottle from his mum. Rather than getting a proper hold on the bottle, it fell. The metal water-bottle was full of water and fell from above Samuel's head onto his big toe. He cried and he cried! There was a bit of blood and almost immediate bruising. Feeling the weight of the water bottle I was sure Samuel had broken something. Forty minutes later he was still crying unconsolably till Christine realised that he wanted water. He was better after drinking some water and a milkshake.

Samuel's Foot X-Ray

That evening, still in a bit of pain, Samuel and I headed to the hospital. He had an X-ray and fortunately he had no damaged bones. He was just given some antibiotics to prevent infection under his toe-nail.

With curious little kids there are so many things that can go wrong. It is the grace of God that they survive to our adulthood. Can you share a story from your childhood or of your own kids?

Goodbye Arequipa, Hello Australia

01 Mar 2013

We said goodbye to our friends in Arequipa. We had a little farewell with our university group and our pastor. On the morning of our flight, Hans and Martha from our mission prepared a special breakfast for the family. At the airport lots from our SIM mission family were there to say farewell. We're going to miss you - our Arequipa friends.

After more than 17 hours in the air and many more hours at the airport we've arrived in Australia. We travelled well and fortunately the kids slept well on the flight. At the airport we were met by David's parents, sister-in-law and her kids. It was lovely to see Amelia and Annabelle hug their cousins after being away for almost two years.

Qantas Flight

Our main reason for returning to Australia is the wedding of Christine's sister, Rosalind and her fiancé Adrian. They will marry very soon in Brisbane. We'll be back in Arequipa in 3 months.

Here are our kids experiencing a bit of Aussie culture...

Missionaries pushing their culture

26 Feb 2013

Missionaries are taught not to push their own culture on other cultures. Especially when teaching the Bible it's important to teach the eternal truth which speaks to all cultures, including our own. So while it's generally not right to push your own culture there may be exceptions. We think that one of them is Vegemite. For those who don't know, Vegemite is a popular Australian spread to put on bread. It's made from yeast extract and has a strong taste.

Watch us introduce some of our Peruvian student friends to Vegemite.

Is the Bible like Nostradamus?

22 Feb 2013

Meeting with a new Christian and friend named Luis to study the Bible has been really interesting. We've been going through a study book called "New Life in Christ" and looking specifically at who Jesus is. This week we looked at Isaiah 53 among other passages and Luis was really struck when I said that this book was written several hundred years before Jesus was born. It's amazing that so long before Jesus was born, Isaiah speaks clearly about a coming servant who will take the punishment that we deserve. Surprised at how this passage predicted the future, Luis asked if this was like Nostradamus. I didn't have much to say about Nostradamus but we did spend the next twenty minutes looking at different passages in the Old Testament which so accurately predicted the coming Messiah, Jesus. Luis is now really motivated to read the Old Testament too.

Pray for Luis, that he will continue to be amazed by God's word.

Kids Photos

23 Dec 2012

We praise God for the girls great preschool concert and the love they have for gymnastics.

Taking their bow after the traditional dance.

The Nativity Scene. The girls were angels. Can you spot them? One is on each side of the stage. Annabelle has her hands up and Amelia is looking at Annabelle.

Having fun at preschool.

The girls all dressed for the gymnastics performance and Samuel watching from the stands. Merry Christmas everyone!

Girls practicing their splits

Girls practicing their splits

Chinup with Annabelle

Annabelle doing chin-ups

Physiotherapist visit

12 Oct 2012


Our anniversary was today and after a celebration breakfast together, David and I thought we'd drop by a physiotherapist to get my leg treated. I have been experiencing pain when walking/standing and this has held me back from exercising beyond the normal walking required for life, errands and shopping. David pointed out a place we happened to walk past in a backstreet. I thought it looked a bit dubious from the beginning but I thought, "David is with me so it will be fine." They offered a free consultation and then treatment which was essentially a massage . It turned out the physio was a blind man (though not totally) in a wheelchair who had minimal hand movement too. How did I get a massage? He helped a bit but he had an assistant who did most of the work. After watching for a while David asked for a massage from one of his assistants too. We discovered that the blind man was their boss. We both really enjoyed our massage but tomorrow I will look for another option for treatment of my leg. I know life will always be an adventure with David. 

Blind PhysioChristine got some treatment from another physio who knew what he was doing. He also happened to be blind.

Facebook and Missions

24 Aug 2012

I met with Robbye Fielden who has a really interesting story on how she got involved in missions.

Each of us have a unique set of skills that may be incredibly useful in missions. Robbye says "Whatever skill you've got, God can use that - even if it doesn't look like the typical". Missions is not just for Bible teachers and doctors. We need accountants, English teachers, engineers and even cowboys. Why not check out some mission opportunities today?

SIM Opportunities - Where can I go?
Mission Platform - a new Aussie initiative to connect people with mission opportunities

More to Read:

It's so important that Mission agencies embrace new technologies and be where the people are. Recently the Bible Society spoke to a few people working in missions including myself. Here is the article - Brave new world of missionary communication

4 Tips for Running a Sustainable University Ministry?

20 Aug 2012

There's so much to learn! I'm at a conference with students and student ministry workers from several countries in South America. We're all part of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). Each country has its own national movement which partners with IFES.

Students Studying the BibleStudents studying the Bible at the conference

This is the second post where I speak with Josué Olmedo, an experienced university student worker from Ecuador. In the first post we discussed "Why is University Ministry Important?" I now ask what advice he could give to someone new to student work. He gave me the following four...

1. Empower students to take the initiative

Don't be tempted to get things done by doing them yourself. Students need to take the initiative. When you start you have lots of energy and ideas and it's easiest to just do things by yourself. Remember that it's their ministry and you're there to support them, encourage and train them. You are not there to try to do all the work.

2. Train leaders

Right from day 1, train leaders to take your place. Don't wait till a year before you have to leave to find others to do your work. Right from day 1 train two or three people to do your job.

3. Focus the ministry on the university

Run events in the university, do ministry in the university, pray in the university and do get-togethers in the university. Keep the focus on the university. There's lots of other ministries that you can do. For example you can run programs to reach street kids but that's not our ministry. Our ministry is students reaching students. Students have a unique opportunity to reach students. After they finish university there are a lot of other ministries that can be done. It may be convenient to run events off campus but wherever possible run events inside the university. Other students will notice and it reduces the barrier to them coming if the event is in the university.

4. Not just for students

Think of the university as a whole - with teaching staff, students and other staff. Aim to reach the whole university - not just the students.

See the video where I ask Josué why is university ministry important.

Do you have more tips for running a sustainable university ministry?

Photo courtesy of Andres Vicente Narvaez, our official conference photographer

Why is University Ministry Important?

13 Aug 2012

Why is university ministry so important? I spoke with Josué Olmedo, an experienced university student worker from Ecuador. He is part of a national Christian university group which is part of the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES). Josué gave me two reasons why this ministry is so important - the first reason was not one I expected.

1. Universities are where we cultivate the production of knowledge

Universities are an important part of our culture. It is here that we cultivate the production of knowledge. So it's important for us as Christians that we be part of this process so that we enable this to happen in a Christian way.

2. We have the opportunity to minister to and to serve the future leaders of the country.

Students who graduate will serve in key positions in the country - in the political arena, in business and in health, etc. We hope we might influence them and in turn they can influence others.

Read more:

Why University Students?

Why is university ministry important to you?


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